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Aditya Kalyanpur
Founder of NESOM and PMI
"Tabla Maestro"

With Aditya Kalyanpur’s trademark blend of technical brilliance, creative improvisations and high-octane showmanship, this award-winning tabla virtuoso’s performances instantly connect with, and captivate audiences
worldwide. Kalyanpur is noted to be coined as the original pioneer of recreating the tabla, thus innovating, “a more colorful expression,” which he is renowned for worldwide.

At the same time, Kalyanpur’s performances reflect his versatility and keenness to break through conventional ‘borders.’ Kalyanpur has uniquely gone on to acquire in-depth knowledge across various gharanas and schools of
playing. Furthermore, he is in his element when adapting masterfully to any musical context, be it complementing a sitar or jazz guitar, and/or collaborating with artistes across genres, from jazz to pop, rap to rock!

Hailed by many in the western world as “the rightful heir to Punjab Gharana,” *Aditya’s colossal repertoire, and his signature style of bold execution of syllables and pinpoint-precise rhythm, are founded in rigorous study and knowledge. For the child prodigy who could replicate intricate rhythmic patterns on his first tabla at the age of 3, there was no going back. Once Kalyanpur’s training began, from none other than the late Ustad Allah Rakha Khan and later, his son, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Kalyanpur laid the foundation for percussion music and put the tabla on the map.


His Indian fans will remember him in the ‘Wah Taj!’ TV commercial, (1990), as the talented youngster, cherrypicked by Ustad Allah Rakha Khan for his cheeky ability to keep pace, when playing alongside Ustad Zakir Hussain! Most recently, Kalyanpur represented India by performing at International Jazz Day in Melbourne Australia on April 30, 2019 with world renowned musician Herbie Hancock. Kalyanpur can be heard on Katy Perry’s “Legendary Lovers” from her multi-platinum album, “Prism.” Kalyanpur recorded with The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, and Grammy-nominated John Beasley, (American Idol music director) toured with Oscar and Grammy-winning composer A.R. Rahman, who is legendary for scoring the movie, Slumdog Millionaire and also performed with Grammy-winner John Popper at the prestigious Carnegie Hall located in New York City. Kalyanpur has performed with an eclectic range of both Indian classical, and international jazz and fusion greats, including: Pandit Jasraj, Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Grammy-awardee Pandit Vishwamohan Bhatt, Larry Coryell.


Having performed at Facebook, Google Kalyanpur is much sought after artist be it at major musical festivals worldwide, by Bollywood, or for artistic collaborations, Kalyanpur has focused on giving back, by making Indian classical music more accessible to students worldwide. He founded the New England School of Music (NESOM), in Boston which trains over 100 students each year. He has performed and conducted several workshops and lecture demonstrations at institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, Cornell, Columbia, Univeristy of Florida, University of Maryland, and Stanford University.

Close to Kalyanpur’s heart, is the Shyamal Music Foundation in which he established in Mumbai, India, that gives a platform to the next generation of talented Indian classical musicians. Through its charitable concert ‘Disha’, the
foundation raises funds for deserving cancer patients. His philosophy, is rooted in his simplicity. “If you play from the heart, it will touch the listener’s soul,” says Kalyanpur, who enjoys connecting best through his music; the ultimate universal language that knows no boundaries. Further information on Aditya and any upcoming events can be found at and

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