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New England School of Music is an educational and cultural organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are committed to serving students and talented musicians from around the world by providing opportunities to learn, perform, teach and share their talents.

NESOM promotes Indian classical musicians and fosters an appreciation of Indian classical music in the United States. Our drive to unite Indian and American music is achieved through concert tours, performances, classes, lectures, seminars, events, and exhibits. Our certificate program includes a course curriculum in practical theory and periodic examination schedule.

Indian classical music is our passion. Its myriad rhythms, melodies, moods, and timbre are our inspiration. Drawing on the incredible repertoire of this musical heritage and with commitment to nurturing its future, we have established NESOM as a pioneering institution of Indian classical music in the United States.

NESOM invites you to accompany us in this momentous journey towards nurturing the tradition of Indian classical music.

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